UNICEF Summer Internships 2023 | Fully Funded Without IELTS

UNICEF Summer Internships 2023  | Fully Funded Without IELTS
UNICEF Summer Internships 2023

UNICEF Summer Internships 2023 are prestigious opportunities for Overseas students. A golden chance for the whole world is that these Internships are fully Paid and Not any requirement for Language tests. No IELTS Score is required for UNICEF Internships. If any student wants to work with UNICEF, Internships are open and you can apply online. Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Students from any recognized university are eligible for internships. UNICEF specially announced that these internships are Fully paid, No IELTS, No Specific citizenship, and No extra skills are required. UNICEF is working directly under UNO, So It is a very valuable internship for students to build their careers.

The UNICEF has a wide network around the world, 190 countries get many benefits from UNICEF. Any applicant 18 years of Age can apply from all over the World. with many incentives, UNICEF awards Monthly stipends, Free air tickets, and other expenses. All deserving students can secure their future. Internships are free and the Application process is also free of cost. If any students want to know about UNICEF Summer Internship 2023 consult the remaining Article thoroughly. Detail is available below.

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UNICEF Summer Internships 2023

  • Organization Name: UNICEF,  United Nations Organization
  • Total Duration of Internship: 6 weeks to 26 Weeks
  • Eligible Criteria for internships: Undergraduate degree, Graduate Degree, and Ph.D. holders
  • Financial Sponsorships: Fully Funded
  • Last Date of Admission: No Deadline for Admission, Candidates can apply at any time.

Advantages of UNICEF Summer Internships 2023

  • UNICEF Summer Internships is a prestigious chance and available globally.
  • A huge amount of Internships are available for worldwide candidates.
  • There is no need for an IELTS score for UNICEF Summer Internships
  • All Overseas students, who want to get admission are invited to submit applications online.
  • If international Candidates want to get members of the UNICEF Internship Team. It is a big opportunity, to submit your application for internships and get to learn UNICEF’s Work with practical skills.

Economical Benefits of  UNICEF Internships

  • UNICEF Internships 2023 programs are fully Paid Internships for Students.
  • UNICEF will award monthly Stipends to the Interns.
  • UNICEF and Its Collaborate Institution are responsible for the Accommodation expenses of UNICEF interns.
  • UNICEF Internships 2023 will award a Travelling allowance and Visa cost to each student (One time Estimated Cost of these expenses)

UNICEF has a complete structure of Internship Programs, UNICEF and their Partner Institutions will arrange and pay all expenses, such as Monthly stipends, Accommodation, living expenses, Travelling, and Visas Expenses (One-time Paid). Some extra incentives will award due to the availability of Funds.

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UNICEF Internships Fields and Majors

  • Information Communication Technology
  • Operation and Business Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Education
  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Nutrition
  • Finance and Administration
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Social and Economic Policy Development
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Planning
  • Program management
  • Child protection programs
  • Supply chain management

What are the Eligibility Criteria for UNICEF Internships?

  • Basic Criteria for UNICEF Summer Internships: All International Students can apply if they are Undergraduates or Graduates. No restrictions on Nation and Country.
  • Qualification for internships: CAndidates are currently studying an UndergraduateGraduate, or Ph.D. Programs are eligible for UNICEF Internships 2023. If the applicant already passed these degrees, so in this case past duration is only acceptable if that has passed two years ago
  • Required Language: English, French or Spanish are the official and Working languages of UNICEF. So UNICEF Internships demand to each student, Fluency in these Languages is necessary.
  • Previous Academic Record: Previous Academic records of the candidate also matter in the Admission process. Previous universities, colleges, or Educational institutions have issued good academic records.
  • Family Connections with UNICEF: If Any family member of applicants such as a Father, Mother, Real Brother, or Sister is working with UNICEF are also not eligible for Internships.
  • Reporting line of authority: Any family members or Relatives are also not acceptable of the member of reporting line of authority
  • Age Limit: 18 years (Minimum age limit)

Requirements of Documents for UNICEF Internships

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume in detail
  • Covering letter with application and necessary documents
  • The recruitment profile of the applicant is also required for the UNICEF Internship.

What is the Last date of Admission for the UNICEF Internship?

Candidates have the option to select their fields and apply according to the Field and Area. UNICEF has a large number of Internship Programs and according to the Internship Programs, Deadlines for admissions are also different from each other.

What is the Application Procedure for the UNICEF Summer Internships 2023?

How do apply and what is the application procedure for the UNICEF Internship program, To solve these types of queries we present an application procedure for students. So read the undermentioned steps and follow them to fill out the application

  • The application process is not very complicated. Qualified/ Eligible Applicants have a choice to submit their online applications via our Website link.
  • Candidates will arrange Their Complete Profiles, CV, or Resume in detail and cover Letter, then they will submit these documents online. The complete process is Here:
  • Applicants will open the Official Page of UNICEF Internship (Click Here).
  • You will select the Tab and enter Internship. For Detail (Click Here).
  • Now you will choose an Internship Position. For Detail (Click Here).

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