UNDP Summer Internship 2023 – No IELTS

UNDP Summer Internship 2023 - No IELTS
UNDP Summer Internship 2023

UNDP Summer Internship 2023 is open for National and International students. It is a 6 monthly program under the supervision of the UN development Headquarters, New York. This benefited the Internship Program for those students who want to visit and study in the USA. UNDP Summer Internship 2023 cover all expenses of the interns in all respects. The monthly stipend is a reasonable amount for all usual expenses. the UNDP also paid for recreational visits and Exposure. 

All candidates will apply online through their Portal. Another good news for international students, IELTS is not compulsory (No IELTS). You can say the United Nations Development Internship Programme is free from IELTS restrictions. A famous Internship Program is waiting for you. Candidates who want to get UNDP admission in the Graduate program 2023 can also apply.

UNDP Summer Internship 2023 provides a big chance to those students who don’t want to appear in IELTS and TOEFL exams (No IELTS and No TOEFL). Candidates studying in an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree Program are eligible for any study field. Registration in UNDP is free of cost. Students can apply for internships at any time. The internship course will conduct for 3 to 6 months for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees. The application process is open and detail of Admission is available below.

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UNDP Summer Internship 2023

  • Financing Organization: The United Nations Development Program (UNO)
  • Study Place: New York City, USA

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What is the Duration of UNDP Summer Internship 2023? 

Normally Duration of UNDP internships is 6 months in a session. Sometimes this duration may be extended due to Academic credit. For example, the Last session was expanded to 9 month duration 

Sponsorship for the UNDP Summer Internship

  • UNDP will pay a Monthly Stipend to the Interns. This is a reasonable amount that is sufficient for monthly expenses.
  • The monthly Stipend is not fixed for all students. The monthly grant will vary according to the situation and station.  
  • UNDP and UN will provide system assignments to their former Interns in the future.
  • Some Institutions are affiliated with UNDP, they also provide Economical Support to Students.  

Who can be Eligible for UNDP Summer Internship?

UNDP has multidimensional roles and tasks. The main purpose of the Internship is to prepare the people who will serve and solve all problems regarding the UN. If students seels, they have talent, Knowledge, Innovative and Some potential to change things are welcome. This initiative will grow positive thinking all over the world.   

What are the Criteria for UNDP Summer Internship 2023?

All National and International Candidates will complete the Undermentioned requirements for UNDP Summer Internship 2023:

  • National and International candidates can apply for UNDP Summer Internship 2023. 
  • Graduation Exams pass are eligible for UNDP Internships.
  • All Fresh candidates studying in graduate school programs from any University can apply.
  • All Fresh candidates studying in undergraduate school programs from any University can apply.
  • Students who have Complete Degrees in 2 years of Undergraduate programs in the relevant field can apply for Internships. 
  • This internship program is open to all nations of the world.
  • Registration for the Internship is totally free of cost.
  • There is no Work experience for the Internship.
  • English proficiency of a Student should be at least Read and write with fluency.   

Sequence-wise Apply Process for the UNDP Internship

  • The candidate will go to the Official website of UNDP for application.
  • Find the Job portion and read the instructions regarding Internships
  • The candidate will choose their Field of study and Click on Apply Button.
  • These Internships have a wide range of fields. There is no common date of admission, Every Internship has its own deadline which differs from each others.   

What is the Application Procedure?

There is a managerial process from UNDP to complete the admissions. First, you will open the Official website of UNDP and visit the UNDP Portal. Now you will submit all Academic documents, UNDP will prepare a merit list and inform all successful students. After Qualification, you will fill out your application online and submit it with all the necessary documents. 

Visit the Official Link to UNDP Internship Program.

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