Scholarships at Augustana University

Scholarships at Augustana University
Scholarships at Augustana University USA
Scholarships at Augustana University are a great opportunity for international students at Augustana University.  This university offers Global Leaders Scholarships, USA 2023. This scholarship covers all subjects Taught in the above-mentioned university. The deadline for scholarships varies according to the subjects.

Augustana University has discipline, No student was allowed to do any type of part-time job (Required full-time student). The recommendation of students depends upon their educational background. Application for scholarship and admission is available.  The university will pay Educational expenditures, Living expenses, Tuition fees, etc. Please view the policy to support the deserving students.

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Scholarships at Augustana University Degree Program:

Augustana University announced Global Leaders Scholarships, USA 2023 which covers the undergraduate and Postgraduate standard programs.


Under Global Leaders Scholarships, Students can apply for the following subjects.

  • All Subjects are taught at University.

 Benefits of Scholarship:

The only application for admission is sufficient, No more documents or any kind of application is required for admission purposes.

Academic Scholarships in Augustana university

  • According to good academic performance, scholarships will be awarded to first-year students and continuing.
  • The amount of 17.000 to 23,000 Dollars are available every year which will revise accordingly.
  • The first deadline of priority is 1st November. Application is only for admission and scholarships at Augustana university

Award of Alumni Legacy

  • This scholarship category is for those students whose native relatives just like Grand and parents, spouses, or siblings get Degree from any university in Australia.
  • Its Reserving amount is 1,000 Dollars which is extendable according to the situation.
  • The verification of eligibility is the primary duty of the Admission office and Financial aid. The application form is most important to prove identity and information.
Grant for Family Tuition
  • It’s a great privilege for those students who want to get admission and their family member is also applying at Full-time same university.
  • If a student full fill condition of the university and his immediate family member is admitted full-time, the student will get 500 Dollars every year.
  • All information will be verified by the Admission Office and Financial aid. The application form will also be filled in detail by the students.

Scholarship for Transfer to Augustana University

  • After completion of 1st semester if any student wants to transfer in Augustana University from any other Institute is also eligible for the scholarship.
  • Allocated grant for these transfers student is 12,000 to 22,000 annually.
  • The application for scholarship and admission is also necessary.
Scholarship in the Honour of Phi Theta Kappa
  • This scholarship goes to those transfer students who were studying at Phi Theta Kappa.
  • The allocated amount for this purpose is 2,000 Dollars per year.
  • Application has a column for those students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa. Please write down the membership of Phi Theta Kappa.

Grant of  Augustana University

  • High school graduates can apply on need bases.
  • The allocated amount varies according to the situation.
  • Application for scholarship and admission is required, must apply for the FAFSA
Scholarship of Diversity
  • Full-time students are students of color.
  • The amount of the Diversity Scholarship is 1,0000 Dollars, which is revised every year.
  • The eligibility of students is varied by the Admission office and also Financial aid. The application form is the source of information given by the students.
Global Leaders scholarship Program
  • academic ability and residential status is basic criteria for international students.
  • the scholarship amount is not fixed, it varies according to the requirement.
  •  Application.

Apply Here.

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