Saskatchewan University | Scholarships in Canada 2023

Saskatchewan University | Scholarships in Canada 2023
Saskatchewan University

Saskatchewan University is the most popular university in Canada. University announced Saskatchewan University Scholarships 2023. All international students can apply and get an advantage of the scholarship in Spring 2023. applications are invited for the Spring 2023 semester and this semester will start in Sep 2023. Certificate Programs, Undergraduate Courses, Graduate degrees, Master’s degrees, Specialized Graduates, Diplomas in different fields, Doctorates, Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Certificate Programs are open for overseas students.

The acceptance rate of the university is much higher than other competitive universities. it is 45 % of total applications, which is the highest rate of acceptance. Saskatchewan University is the top-ranking university in Canada and the destination for international students.

Canada is the favorite country of international students. It is famous due to its facilities, Luxurious Environment. When a student will apply any study program that will automatically be considered in the scholarship program

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Saskatchewan University Scholarships in Canada 2023

  • Host Country Name: Canada
  • Host University Name: University of Saskatchewan
  • Study Level: Bachelor’s Degree, Masters’s Degree, Ph.D. Degree, Doctorate Degree, Postdoctoral Degree, Certificate Programs
  • Economical Support: Funded
  • Last Date of Admission: 01 Feb 2023

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What is the Duration of the Scholarship?

  • Undergraduate Degree: Four Years
  • Master’s Level Degree: 2 Years
  • Doctoral Level Degree: 3 Years

what are the Best qualities of the University of Saskatchewan

  • our tradition is to welcome candidates from all over the world.
  • Outstanding teachers and skilled supervisors are available to groom the students.
  • After completion of study students will provide their svices all over the world with dignity.
  • Due to the huge amount of scholarships, students have complete their studies in a very easy manner. 
  • After completion, You will feel you have some special qualities and are ready for accepting all types of challenges.

Study Fields/ Areas at the University

  • Life Sciences and Chemistry
  • Math, Engineering, Technology, and Physics
  • Business and Economics
  • Indigenous Programs
  • Environment and Earth Sciences
  • Agriculture, Plants, and Animals
  • Health
  • History, Culture, and Arts
  • Teaching
  • Society and Law
  • Languages and Communications

Economical advantages of the Saskatchewan University scholarships

Detail is available for Undergraduate Degree Programs and Graduate Degree Programs from Saskatchewan university. These programs are available in Scholarship cover.

Undergraduate Scholarships of Saskatchewan University 

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships in Saskatchewan University: Candidate will be considered for scholarship automatically, after submission of application.

Best and Brightest Entrance Saskatchewan University scholarships: Candidates will show their best academic record, Leadership qualities, and Participation in community life and social activities. University will maintain a merit list and select the students for the best and Brightest Scholarships.

Here are some scholarships that are working under the best and Brightest Scholarships: 

  • Chancellors’ Scholarships: 7,500 dollars per year (Total amount for 4 years 30,000 dollars)
  • George and Marsha Ivany President’s First & Best Scholarships: 10,000 dollars per year (Total amount for 4 years 40,000 dollars)
  • University of Saskatchewan Entrance Scholarships: 6,000 dollars per year (Total amount for 4 years 24,000 dollars)
  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources Renewable Entrance Scholarships:3,000 dollars per year (Total amount for 4 years 12,000 dollars)
  • Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships: 6,000 dollars per year (Total amount for 4 years 24,000 dollars)

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Graduate Scholarships of Saskatchewan University 

The University of Saskatchewan and its partner arrange a variety of scholarships for students (Graduates). 

  • Saskatchewan University Dean’s scholarship: 
  1. Master’s degree: $18,000 (up to two years)
  2. Doctoral Degree: $22,000 (up to three years)

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Criteria and Requirements for the University

  • Bachelor Degree Students: High School Students can apply for Bachelors’s Degree scholarship (Non-Residing in Canada)
  • Masters Degree Students: Undergraduate students (With 4 years’ Degree) or Equivalent, any college or University from all over the world  
  • Ph.D. Degree Students: Master Degree students can apply for Ph.D. Degree program. They can apply any study field but that field must be related to the Proposed field. 
  • Postgraduate Diploma Students: Undergraduate students (With 4 years’ Degree) or Equivalent, any college or University from all over the world can apply for a scholarship.
  • Visit the website and Check the English Language requirements.
  • Duolingo English Test is acceptable in various universities in the world, and Saskatchewan University is also accepting it.

What is the Last Date of admission? 

The University of Saskatchewan manages the admission dates according to the National and International Study programs. After the adjustments of Application Dates and their deadline, the university announces the complete yearly schedule. 1st Feb 2023 is the last date of Admission for a Scholarship at Saskatchewan university. Complete Detail of Deadlines is given below.

Schedule and Deadlines of Study Courses.

Schedule and Deadlines of Study Courses

S No

Study Terms Last Date of Application Last Date of the International 



Jan 2023

Application: 01 Dec 2022

Documents: 15 Dec 2022

Application: 01 Sep 2022

Documents: 01 Oct 2022



May 2023

Application: 01 Apr 2023

Documents: 01 May 2023

Application: 01 Feb 2023

Documents: 15 Mar 2023



Jul 2023

Application: 01 May 2023

Documents: 01 Jun 2023

Application: 01 Mar 2023

Documents: 01 Apr 2023



Sep 2023

Application: 01 May 2023

Documents: 01 Jun 2023

Application: 01 May 2023

Documents: 01 Jun 2023



Jan 2024

Application: 01 Dec 2023

Documents: 15 Dec 2023

Application: 01 Sep 2023

Documents: 01 Oct 2023

What is the Application Procedure for the Saskatchewan University Scholarships 2023?

  • All international candidates will complete their application procedure Online.
  • The candidate will go to the official website of  Saskatchewan University and follow the undermentioned steps.
  1. Find out your required study program.
  2. Fulfill the admission requirements of the University scholarship 2023.
  3. After completion of all documentation and requirements submit the application online.

Official links to Saskatchewan University and the application procedure:


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