Sabanci University Scholarships 2023 | Fully Funded in Turkey

Sabanci University Scholarships 2023 | Fully Funded in Turkey
Sabanci University Scholarships 2023

Sabanci University Scholarships 2023 is open for overseas students, these scholarships are fully funded and much beneficial for needy students. Students from all over the world can apply and get benefits from the Sabanci Scholarships 2023. All international students who want to get Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. degrees from Turkish Top ranking universities, can get admission to Sabanci University. Turkey stands in 2nd position in the world‘s best access to higher Education for International students. Sabanci University is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. University Opens a large number of Academic fields and many Study departments for Students.  In history, Turkey has a glorious record in Education and its Promotion.

Sabanci University Scholarships 2023 offers fully funded scholarships, which cover the exemption of full tuition fees, Monthly reasonable Stipends, Hostel’s full Expenses, and much more for the total duration of scholarships. Sabanci University is a very advance, Modern, and visionary university in turkey. It provides a prestigious chance for overseas students to improve their higher education. complete detail of fields, areas, Admission, the process of application, and departments are available in the article, So prepare yourself for Sabanci University and apply online:

Details About Sabanci University Scholarships 2023

  • Host Country name: Turkey
  • Host University Name: Sabanci University
  • Study Level of Scholarships: Bachelor’s Degree, Masters’s Degree, and Ph.D. Degree
  • Financial coverage: Fully funded
  • Last Date of Admission:  02 Dec 2022

What is the Total Duration of Sabanci Scholarship 2023 

Sabanci University announced three types of Degrees under the fully funded scholarship program. Similarly, there are three different durations for different degrees: 

  • BS Degree Scholarships: 4 Years Study Programs
  • MS Degree Scholarships: 3 Years Study Programs
  • Ph.D.Degree Scholarships: 4 Years Study Programs

Economical Sponsorships for Sabanci University Scholarships

Turkey is the dream of overseas students, and Sabanci University announced scholarships early. These scholarships are goes to deserving students. there are two types of scholarships, Fully funded and Partially funded scholarships. The detail of the scholarships are here: 
  • In a Fully Funded Scholarship all expenses such as Total exemption of tuition fees in Sabanci University.
  • University will pay Monthly reasonable Stipends as per schedule. (Master Program: 5,000 Turkish liras per 10 Months, Ph.D. Program: 7,500 Turkish liras per 12 Months)
  • University will provide Accommodation at Hostels.
  • graduate candidates will get Scientific Publications totally free of cost. (Only for Nominated Departments)
  • In Partially funded Scholarships students will pay 50% and  25% tuition fees and the remaining fees will pay University accordingly. the university also offers special waivers for hostel expenses.
    • If you want to get more detail about the Financial coverage of Graduate Scholarships Click Here.
    • If you want to get more detail about the Financial coverage of Undergraduate Scholarships Click Here.

What are the Study Fields and Areas for Scholarship Programs?

Sabanci University has many Departments, fields, and  Areas of Study for international students, we present the list of fields and Areas:  

Arts Fields and Social Sciences

  • Political Science.
  • Cultural Studies.
  • History.
  • Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design.
  • Turkish Studies.
  • Psychology.
  • Economic.
  • Political Science and International Relations.

Natural Sciences and Engineering areas

  • Electronics Engineering.
  • Energy Technologies and Management.
  • Mathematics.
  • Computer Science & Eng.
  • Molecular Biology, Genetics & Bioengineering.
  • Mechatronic Engineering.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Physics.
  • Manufacturing Engineering.
  • material Science and Nano Eng.
  • Information Technology.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Industrial Engineering.

Sabanci Business School

  • Management
  • Professional MBA
  • MSc Business Analytics
  • MBA
  • Masters in Finance
  • Executive MBA

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Sabanci Scholarships 2023?

  • International students can apply for Sabanci University scholarships in 2023.
  • All Turkish students are also eligible, who have completed their previous degrees from outside of Turkey. (They are considerable) 
  • Applicants will show their previous good Academic record.
  • The candidate will submit an application along with all necessary documents before the deadline.
  • Fluency in English is mostly required for candidates.
  • Selection of the education program depends on the student’s choice, they will select and according to the subject, they will apply.

What is the Requirement of Documents for scholarships?

  • Result card with acceptable numbers (verified Photocopy).
  • Diploma in high school education (English or Turkish Education).
  • All Academic Certificates, Transcripts are required with a Signature and official stamp.
  • Recommendation Letter from previous Institute.
  • Permission letter for Residence (Varified Photocopy)
  • All necessary documents are required. 
  • English language test certificate. 

Last Date of Admission to Sabanci University

It is the best opportunity for international students to avail Sabanci University Scholarship 2023. The scholarship is fully funded and partially funded. University announced the deadline for Admission for in Sabanci Scholarships.

  • Last Date of Admission for scholarships 2023:  02 Dec 2022

What are the Application Procedures for Sabanci University Scholarships?

All International Applicants for Sabanci University Scholarship 2023 will visit the official website of the University and fulfill out the Application Online and submit it, before the deadline.

For more information about the application process, admission, and any query you can visit the Official Link. 

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