Reach Oxford Scholarship – 2023 in UK


Reach Oxford Scholarship – 2023 in UK
Reach Oxford Scholarship – 2023 in UK

A rare opportunity for students who aspire to have a bright future. In the new year, Oxford University is bringing your bright future to reality, Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023. If you have an excellent academic record, you can be awarded by Oxford University. Don’t delay, plan for the future and apply immediately for the Rich Oxford Scholarship 2023. This is a fully funded scholarship that students from all over the world are benefiting from and a large number of intellectuals. After leaving this institution. This scholarship, formerly known as the Oxford Student Scholarship, has now been renamed the Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023.

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The fully funded scholarship program has given a new ray of hope to all those students who want to pursue higher education but have limited resources. Students from all poor countries can benefit from this facility and this opportunity is free from any kind of political, social, religious, and ethnic discrimination.
Just as Britain has provided a rare opportunity for students from all over the world, especially for the poor, this kind of opportunity is very rare.

Reach Oxford Scholarship 2023 in UK

Country :

  • United Kingdom

University :

  • University of Oxford

Degree Level :

  • Undergraduate

Program Duration :

  • Duration depends upon the program within 3 to 4 years

Subjects of Study:-

  • Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
  • Classics
  • Classics and English
  • Classics and Modern Languages
  • Classics and Oriental Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Philosophy
  • Earth Sciences (Geology)
  • Economics and Management
  • Engineering Science
  • English and Modern Languages
  • English Language and Literature
  • European and Middle Eastern Languages
  • Fine Art
  • Geography
  • History
  • History and Economics (Ancient and Modern)
  • History and English
  • History and Modern Languages • Oriental Studies
  • History and Politics
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Modern Languages
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Physics • Physics and Philosophy
  •  Psychology (Experimental)
  • Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics
  • Religion and Oriental Studies
  • Theology and Religion

Advantages of the Scholarship 2023:

In the Scholarship package Living cost will be paid by the university, During the course every year a return airfare will also be provided.

Entitled Countries for Oxford Scholarship 2023:

These Scholarships are valid all over the world. All students can apply who want to improve their Qualifications and skills but they have limited sources.

Appearance Criteria 

  • All candidates eligible who belongs to the above-mentioned countries
  • Brilliant students who are maintaining their high standard position in academics can apply.
  • Students who are financially weak and need help in study matters are considered on priority.
  • Any applicant who has never been admitted to any other undergraduate course would be prioritized.

Application Procedure 

  • Candidates who already applied to the undergraduate program via the official website of the University of Oxford, Application form by 15 Oct 2023 can also apply for further action.
  • In 08 Feb 2023 University demands to provide supporting documents during application filling. this procedure will be continuous when you got succeed and qualify for the program, these documents and information will be logged into your account.
  • All applications will dispatch to students through their email for confirmation.

Chosen Criteria Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Best Previous academic record.
  • High moral for the course.
  • An agreement with an institute that the candidate will go back home after completion of the course.

Last Date of Application:

  • the undergraduate course must be avail to the students at the University of Oxford via UCAS by 15 Oct 2022.
  • The last date for the Scholarship is 08 Feb 2023.

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