Global Korea Scholarship- GKS- Fully Funded

Global Korea Scholarship- GKS- Fully Funded
Global Korea Scholarship- GKS- Fully Funded

Global Korea Scholarship is a project of the Korean government. The basic theory of the Korean Government to start this project is the promotion of education for all. Due to this vision, all international students come to Korea and complete their Education on Scholarship. Now The Korean government announced with ver pleasure, the Global Korean Scholarship (GSK) is open for 2023.
This is a pure Fully sponsored scholarship and every Foreign student can apply to the Undergraduate program. the Global Korean Scholarship 2023 (GSK) will award 2000 fully funded scholarships to international students in the year 2023. the final date of admission will announce approximately in Feb 2023. South Kora is traditionally famous for its skill and education, so avail the chance and be ready to study in Korea.

It’s a special arrangement by the Korean Government to facilitate International students. According to the announcement, No charges for Application, and The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) will be available almost in all Korean Universities. It is a fully sponsored program that will cover all basic expenses. This scholarship will provide cover for the Undergraduate degree to Bachelor’s Degree. All types of information regarding The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) are available in the remaining Article.

Introduction of Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

GKS is an Undergraduate Scholarship 2023 also announced by the government of Korea and called the Korean Government Scholarship.

  • Country Name: South Korea
  • Educational Course: Undergraduate Degree Classes
  • Economical Sponsorship: Fully Sponsored
  • Last Date of Application: Different Dates according to the country

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Sponsorship of Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

The Korean Government is the guardian of this scholarship project. The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) is a fully sponsored (Funded) Program for Foreign Students. Total expenses will pay Korean Government.  

  • Exemption of Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation Charges
  • Return Air Tickets
  • Study Transfer Allowance
  • Best of Korean Language Proficiency
  • Medical Coverage (Insurance)
  • different Language Courses
  • Economic Research Support
  • Special grant for Completion of the course
  • Printing expenses

Duration of Global Korean Scholarship (GKS)?

  • Category No 1: Associate Degree:
    • Korean language program: 01 year
    • Degree program: 2 to 3 years
  • Category No 2: Bachelor’s Degree:
    • Korean language program: 01 year
    • Degree program: 4 to 6 years

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Available Universities and Fields of Study

  • Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) and its partner universities offer all study Fields and programs.
  • There are some restrictions from GKS short-term Courses, Online courses, Distant Learning Courses, and Evening Classes are not allowed in this Scholarship Program.

What are the Criteria for Global Korea Scholarship(GKS)?

Nationality Restriction:

  • All Korean Citizens are not eligible for this Scholarship. 
  • Similarly, those Candidates who hold dual citizenship (Korean and some other country) are also not eligible for GKS.
Requirement of Education at GKS:

There are two types of educational programs:

(a) Bachelor’s degree program (b) Associate degree program 

  • A Bachelor’s degree: For those candidates who have a Graduation Degree or Hope certificate of Graduation
  • The associate degree is for applicants who have an Associate Degree or Hope certificate of Associate Degree.
  • Candidates who have an associate degree are eligible for the bachelor‟s program.
  • Before 28 Feb 2023 candidates are bound to submit of graduation certificate and at the ocean of Application, they will submit a hope certificate.  
Educational Grades:
  • Student educational criteria are more important in the preparation of merit. 80% score or students have top 20% rank in academic background.
  • CGPA
    • 2.64/4.0 (Equal or Bove)
    • 2.80/4.3 (Equal or Bove)
    • 2.91/4.5 (Equal or Bove)
    • 3.23/5.0 (Equal or Bove)

Maximum Age Limit:

The maximum age limit is 25 Years of Age (Date of birth should be after 01 Mar 1998)

Requirements of Documents for Global Korea Scholarship

  • Application Form for Admission
  • Personal Statement in Detail
  • Selected Plan for study 
  • letter of Recommendation from the parent college or university (One).
  • Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) Candidate Agreement
  • Detail of Medical Assessment (Personal)
  • Nationality Proof of applicant and his parents (Varfied Family Tree) 
  • Graduation Degree or Hope certificate of Graduation
  • All Academic records of the high school
  • Associate Degree or Hope certificate of Associate degree
  • Students who are Associate Degree Holders will produce all Academic Certificates 
  • Overseas Korean will also provide some written proof
  • Students who are abandoned to Korean citizenship (with written proof).
  • Students will show proof of Veteran’s Descendants of the Korean War for Special Seats.

Last Date of Admission to GKS

The Global Korean scholarship (GKS) 2023 has No fixed deadline. The last date for submission of an application is different according to the country and university. Any student who wants to get Admission to GKS will select the required course and university and then confirm the deadline from the concerned university or their embassy.  

What is the Application Procedure for the Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) 2023?

  • All Information is required Online and the application will be available soon on the website.  
  • Open the Official Portal and read the instruction about the Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) 2023.

For the official site :

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