European Parliament Traineeship 2023- EU Paid Internship

European Parliament Traineeship 2023- EU Paid Internship
European Parliament Traineeship 2023

The European Parliament Traineeship 2023 is a Unique program, That covers the all Expenses of Trainees Globally. This traineeship Program has planned in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg. Its duration is five months and the Application Process for the year 2023 starts.
European Parliament Traineeship 2023 program will be held under the close supervision of Secretariat (Schuman traineeships) Members of the European Parliament. Candidates from European member states and International Candidates from all over the world are invited to Application. International Students Belonging to any country are eligible for internship.
All Expenses of Students during the internship are paid by the European Parliament Traineeship.

Application Procedure for European Union Parliament Traineeship 2023 has been announced. According to Schedule
Application Dates: 1st March 2023 to 31 July 2023
European Union Parliament Traineeship: 1st October to 31 October 2022
This Traineeship program offers a wide range of study fields, such as (a) Multilingualism (b) EU internal and external policies (c) finance (d) law (e) administration (f) infrastructure (g) logistics, communication (h) IT, etc.
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European Parliament Traineeship 2023

  • The internship offered: European Parliament
  • Economical Support: Fully Sponsored
  • Last Date of Admission: 31 Oct 2022

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Economical Support

  • Internship: FullyPaid
  • Monthly Expenses grant: All candidates
  • Travelling Allowance: All candidates

Duration of European Parliament Traineeship 2023

Internship Duration: 1 Mar 2023 to 31 Jul 2023 (Total 5 Months)

what are the Qualifications Requirements?

Before Admission to European Union Parliament Traineeship 2023, you will complete some requirements. You will show your university Degree (completion of 3 years of study), and your valid diploma is also required that have obtained before 3 months. If you do have not any Degree at the time of application, you can apply for an Internship on Transcripts.

Study Fields/Areas of European Parliament Traineeship 2023

  • European Union internal policies
  • European Union external policies
  • Administration
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Multilingualism
  • Information Technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • Communication

What is the Maximum Age Limit?

All candidates can Apply who have 18 years of Age or Above (Maximum No Age Limit)

What are the Criteria for Citizenship (Can a Non-Citizen of a European Union Member State Apply)?

There are some reserved seats for a non-resident of the European Union. Reliable authorities have the right to select some candidates outside of the EU. In case of selection, the international candidate will apply for any type of Visa, the permission of residence, and Permission to work in the Study country.

What is the Requirement of Documents?

All selected candidates will provide the undermentioned Documents:

  • University Level Diploma (photocopy)
  • Passport or Identity Card (Photocopy)
  • No criminal Record for the last 6 months is required (Before starting the Traineeship)

What are the Eligibility Criteria of European Parliament Traineeship 2023


  • The minimum Age limit is 18 years.
  • Diploma (University Level)
  • Fluency in English

Last Date of Admission

31 Oct 2022 is the Deadline for Admission to Traineeship Program 2023

What is the Application Procedure? 


Application Procedure is totally online, How to Apply, Please visit EU Traineeship Application Page:

  1. Three Traineeships are allowed for each candidate.
  2. After selection, you will provide the documents, and they will prove your eligibility.
  3. After the final selection, you will get an Official Admission Letter Through Email.

For Detail and Application visit Offical Website  

European ParlimentTraineeship 2023

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