CrossCulture Program in Germany (CCP 2023)

CrossCulture Program in Germany (CCP 2023)
CrossCulture Program in Germany

CrossCulture Program in Germany is a platform for those Participants who want to acquire intercultural skills. 120 Persons from 46 eligible countries each year, are establish a network and provide their services. CCP 2023 Germany provides a chance for fellowship to the peoples of 46 different countries. This is a systematically running fellowship program, which is fully funded. Participants will stay for 2 to 3 months duration in different organizations to share their skills and experiences under the supervision of Professionals.

Germany has the latest modern workshops and highly skilled people in all fields. The new generation has the best opportunity to learn different skills and get experience under the supervision of qualified professionals. IFA will manage all fellowships and provide free activities to the International participants. German Foreign Office offers a CrossCulture exchange program to international youth. All youngsters will get advantages from CCP Fellowships in Germany. It is a Fully funded Fellowship Program. it’s a high plus point globally, when participants will return to their countries after completion of fellowships, they will bring a lot of knowledge and international-level experience.

CrossCulture Program in Germany

  • Host Country Name: Germany
  • Economical Sponsorship: Fully Funded
  • Last date of Admission: 22 Dec 2022

what are the Fields and Areas of CCP Fellowship?

  • Sustainable development
  • Media and Culture
  • Non-formal political education
  • Climate justice
  • Policy and society
  • Human rights and peace
  • Digital civil society
Eligible countries and States for CCP 2023
  • Malaysia, Pakistan, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Sudan, India, Algeria, Bahrain, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Egypt, Germany, Cuba, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan,  Mexico, Libya, Morocco, UAE, Nepal,  Moldova, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Tunisia.
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cross culture program in Germany has some requirements, So some important points of eligibility criteria are below. Read carefully and fulfill all requirements: 

  • CCP 2023 published a list of eligible countries, Citizens of eligible countries can apply.
  • National Students (German Candidates) are also Eligible for the program. 
  • 23 years old Candidates can apply for (CCP 2023), Minimum Age limit is 23 years. 
  • Candidates with two years of professional experience are eligible. 
  • Fluency in English and Basic knowledge of the German Language are also necessary for CCP 2023.
  • Healthy and physically fit Candidates are required. 
  • Candidates who are currently studying, are not eligible for this program.

What are the advantages of the CrossCulture Program in Germany in 2023?

the CrossCulture Program in Germany 2023 will provide many benefits to their students. Some advantages are below:

  • 550 Euros will also pay to the participant as a Monthly Stipend,
  • Free air Tickets will pay to the student’s Homeland to Germany (Work palace) and back. 
  • CCP will provide Accommodation to all students.
  • All students will receive Journey Allowance (Monthly traveling expenses according to the public transport fare)
  • CCP will provide Medical /Health Insurance coverage. 
  • CCP 2023 will pay Visa Expenses (If Applicable after selection) 
  • Students will do the practical work under the supervision of skilled supervisors for the complete duration.
  • CCP 2023 will provide Professional training according to their field of work

What are the Requirements for Documents?

  • CV (Curriculum Vitae), Candidate will provide complete detail of Academic, skill, and Experience in English. 
  • Motivation Letter 
  • Letter of Recommendation from the previous Institute 
  • The applicant will provide a fresh Photograph.

Application Procedures of CCP in Germany

  • all applicants will go on Apply Now Button and find the Fellowship Program. 
  • Applicants will select their homeland countries.
  • Candidates will manage all necessary documents before filling out the application, then-candidate will fulfill the application and submit the application along with the required documents on their Portal.
  • CCP will provide access to their portal for the application of CCP 2023 in Germany.
  • Applications through email and applications after the deadline are not acceptable.
  • When candidate will submit the application they will receive a confirmation email.
  • CCP will scrutinize the documents and will inform the students for an interview.
  • After the selection, the CCP organizing committee will info to the persons through email. 
  • The last date of admission for CCP 2023 is 22 Dec 2022.
All students who want to apply for the CrossCulture program in Germany 2023 can see the Application process and other details. So Links are available below for students: 

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